Space Coast Exploration

We rolled into Jetty Park Campground at 9:15 p.m. Sunday night after 14 ¼ hours on the road. That is not a smart thing to do to drive that long, but the call of the ocean is so strong that it just pulls us in. The wonderful thing about Mr. MoHo is you just pull in, plug in, connect the water, jacks down, slides out – all in about 15 minutes. Then collapse from to long of a drive.

Monday, it was overcast and on/off rain, so we headed to Indialantic Beach, 30 miles south, to the “Original” Bizzarrio Pizza Restaurant for our slice of pizza on the beach! Drove around Cocoa Beach seeing what has changed. We got back in time to watch the cruise ships go out.


Tuesday, still no sun rise – cloudy and wind – we headed north from Cape Canaveral to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore, outside Titusville. Titusville was founded in 1859. This is the south side of the National Seashore. I wanted to get our National Parks Passport Book stamped. We also drove out to Boardwalk 13 which is the “nude” beach, but the wind was so bad George didn’t get to see anything there.

We then drove up to Edgewater to visit with our author friend – Nick Russell and his wife Terry. They use to be full time RV’ers but have settled in this area in a home. It was so nice catching up with them as it has been a few years since we have seen them. They then took us up to New Smyrna Beach to the north side of the Canaveral National Seashore, so we could go to the other visitors’ center, so I could get my book stamped with the New Smyrna stamp. They took us into the New Smyrna historic downtown.

Life is not complete without a drive on the beach which then brought us into the “beach” downtown. New Smyrna is the shark bite capital of Florida and a huge surfing community.

We then drove down to the town of Oak Hill and had dinner on the Indian River at a fabulous restaurant – Goodrich’s Seafood Restaurant.
Wednesday – 48 degrees at 6:45 a.m. no clouds and still windy – I headed out to the pier again to try and get my sunrise photos. Every morning there were these “old” gentlemen fishing on the pier. They come out to the pier anywhere from 5 a.m. – 6 a.m. generally every day and fish till around noon. They were fountains of information every day.


Fresh catch flounder from the pier.

Today was the rocket launch. We watched from here at Jetty Park. We watched the booster rockets come back down and land evidently in the water with a huge sonic boom at the end. Every launch that I have seen over the years – back to the days of the shuttle launches, just amaze me. I am in awe every time. Space X and Elon Musk has done wonders for the Space Coast. Rocket Launch

With the wind still blowing we decided to explore the Cocoa coast along the Indian River. We drove a scenic byway with big beautiful old homes majestically sitting along the river.  Then found Cocoa Village – part of downtown Cocoa with quaint restaurants and shopping area along the Indiana River. Cocoa has a lot of history founded in 1860.
Thursday – it was still cool so off we went back to Canaveral National Seashore to drive the Black Point Wildlife Drive. Not a lot of wildlife out – a couple alligators sunning themselves. The wind was still too tough for the birds, so back out to the Seashore we went to watch the Atlantic Ocean for a while.


Back to Cocoa Village to visit Travis Hardware. If you are ever in the area this is a must see. Every kind of bolt, nut, coupling, pipe and then some is in this store. A man’s dream store!

Friday morning on my last trip out to the pier brought a huge surprise.  There was a submarine going out.  What a sight to see.

When I got to Mr. MoHo it was time to move over to Thousand Trails Orlando where we will be till December 21. This area is like home to us here. We have been coming to this area for over 10 years.  We are on St Rt 27, 2 miles from Hwy 192 or 8 miles from Disney World. Our site is fabulous overlooking a pasture with lots of cattle and sandhill cranes. We can also watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from here.
The next 2 weeks we are visiting with several different friends, George getting established with a doctor down here, so he can finish his cardiac rehab down here and George resting. The weather is supposed to cool down to the mid to low 60’s this week so there will be no pool time, but I am sure we will find other things to do.img_20181207_132354

Till next time!

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GO and then STOP

After many false starts we finally hit the road about 12:30 Friday afternoon. 

George made the decision that we would go down 77 to 95 because of the storm that was rolling across the country and it showed 75 being covered in rain for 2 days.  So off we go across Holmes County on St Rt 39 to 77.

Over the years we have had tires blow out on 5th wheels and trailers that we have had. In 2017 I had our poor mechanic put a Safe-T-Plus RV Steering Stabilizer system on Mr. MoHo to help if you do have a blowout. So this year I added a TPMS System (tire pressure monitoring system)  These are 10 little gadgets you put on your valve stems of both vehicles.  There is a monitor that you have that constantly measures pressure and heat of each tire. Thank you again to our dear mechanic – Jeremy Waite – Buckeye Auto Care – in Mt Vernon for always taking care of us and our/my crazy mechanical “stuff”. That is why the Tahoe has over 100,000 miles on it going strong because of Jeremy. 

OK back to why I am rattling on about TPMS – about 1/2 mile from 77 I noticed the heat rising on the passenger side tire of the Tahoe. By the time we got onto 77 the monitor is “talking” to us with a crazy noise.  As we drove by the next exit I yelled at George (yes me yell at George) GET OVER NOW!!!!! He pulled off onto the berm on the on ramp from the exit and I jumped out to check the Tahoe.  

SMOKE is rolling out of the front tires.  I am yelling at George to get the Tahoe unhooked from Mr. MoHo.  He isn’t moving fast enough for me so I am pulling the cables off as he is unhooking the Blue OX bars.  I go back and check the monitor and the front drivers side is at 165 degrees.  I then get on the phone and call Jeremy to decide if we need to move Mr. MoHo before the Tahoe catches on fire or if he is going to have to bring the flatbed tow truck to take the Tahoe back to Mt. Vernon.

Jeremy’s diagnosis over the phone is our front brakes locked up. It was probably caused from the “brake buddy” system we put in the Tahoe when we tow!  He had me drive it to cool down the brakes.  So off we go, still southward bound. We got to the rest area about 30 miles from West Virginia and we hooked it back up less the braking system.  Jeremy assured me that if we allow ourselves plenty of space for stopping we should not have any problems in the mountains of West Virginia.  Off we go again.  The plan now is to try to get to Wytheville Virginia and Fort Chiswell RV Park.  At 9 p.m. and 355 miles from home we made it.

Tired and ready to go to bed we just plugged Mr. MoHo in and went to bed except Keoni. Keoni grumbled and was up and down all night long.  George asked this morning why was Keoni so upset last night.  I have no idea.  He then asked, “did you hear sheep last night” – no all I heard was Keoni grouching.  So low and behold when I took Keoni outside there were hundreds of sheep on the side of the hill. Ok I don’t know if it was hundreds but there were alot more then what the picture shows.

No water hooked up to Mr. MoHo off to the shower house George goes while I am trying to clean up the dishes and I decide to check the weather.  Is the storm that George saw yesterday heading for 75. Nope it is has now acrossed 75 and is heading towards us on 77.  So we made the decision hook up the water and sit still till we have clear roads! We are the blue dot. Then it is off to Cape Canaveral Jetty Park Campground!


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Get ready Get set….

George and I had planned on being gone by now for our winter siesta in Florida but as we all know live gets in the way of what you want to do.

Bless poor George’s heart (literally) he has had some issues this summer/fall. The doctor decided to change one of his heart medications this summer .  With the medicine change George got to break his elbow and lower the pumping function of his heart this fall.  George went back on his original medicine had an echocardiogram, stress test which all led to him getting to have the big boy test done – a heart catherization.

8 years ago when George had a heart cath he had one spot that had 5% blockage in his left coronary artery (to the disbelief of his cardiologist). This time he wasn’t so lucky and he had an 80% hard blockage in his right coronary artery and only 10% in his left artery.  So George got to join the card carrying “I have a Stent Club” and the Cardiac Rehab Club.

All of our reservations for November were canceled.  We started to cancel Decembers reservations but I was able to find a facility for him to do his cardiac rehab in Florida.

We won’t be leaving till the end of the month, after Thanksgiving.  We will head straight to Jetty Park Campground, Cape Canaveral Florida. Our travels will be different now. Instead of full boar 10-12 hours a day to see how fast we can get there traveling, we will take it easy and drive 5-6 hours a day and stop and rest.  This is going to be different for us!

We are always amazed at how many people want to know about our travels. So instead of posting it on Facebook like I use to do, you can follow us here. Just click on the link on the sidebar put your email address in and whenever I post it will send you a link.

Mr. Moho - our home away from the campground.
Mr. Moho last year
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The Legend of Spook Hill

The rain was coming down on Saturday morning so we decided it was a great day to drive down to Lake Wales to check out the Legend of Spook Hill and Bok Tower.

First stop was to drive through historic downtown Lakes Wales.  We drove on the outside perimeter of downtown and looked up the streets to see the old buildings because the dually won’t fit down those streets!  So that was a quick tour of downtown.  Then we were off for the main reason to go to Lake Wales – Spook Hill and Bok Tower Gardens.  Spook Hill is where cars in neutral gear seem to move uphill on a slightly sloping road,  defying the laws of gravity.  The legend of Spook Hill (click on picture to read) makes you wonder!!!!!LOL

The Legend of Spook Hill

The Legend of Spook Hill

YouTube Video of Spook Hill in action

Or you can read the scientific reasons for Spook Hill.

After we had our fun (along with several other cars waiting in line) we drove over to       Bok Tower Gardens

“The 205-foot neo-Gothic and art deco Singing Tower carillon is an experience like no other. Designed by famed architect Milton B. Medary and ornately crafted by noted stone sculptor Lee Lawrie, the Tower houses one of the world’s finest carillons. Concerts from the 60-bell carillon at 1 and 3 p.m. fill the Gardens daily.”

Now it was raining really hard (instead of the usual hard rain and then quit like usually happens in Florida) so we did not pay the entrance fee to go in and hear the tower sing.   We will have to add this back onto our bucket list of things for another day.

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Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus

Our first little outing since we got down here to Sunny Florida was to Showcase of Citrus on US 27  north of US 192.  This is a great family owned (4th generation) citrus growing family.

Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus

They have locally made sauces, jams, jellies, honey along with pick your own fruit (50+ varieties) directly from the tree!  You can not get any fresher then that.

They have the worlds largest 4×4 Swamp Safari to learn about Native trees, plants and animals.  This is an hour long ride.  We didn’t do it but it is definitely on the list of things to do sometime.

4x4 Swamp Safari

4×4 Swamp Safari

George and I ventured through the little store looking at ALL the different items that were 4-sale.  Most of them sounded so good to try.  We did find an area where we could taste test the fruit that is available right now and also the different sauces.  We opted only for the fruit as I wanted an Orange Slushie!!! These slushies are 100% all natural.  We couldn’t decide on the Orange Slushie or the Creamsicle slushie.  In the end we both got Orange slushie so that we can come back and get the creamsicle slushie next week.

100% natural Orange Slushie

100% natural Orange Slushie

We got some roasted garlic peanuts to take out on to the pier to eat while we drank our slushie.  On their pier they have catch and release fishing available.  When we got to the end of the pier there was a lady fishing.  While talking to her, we found out she was from Elyria Ohio and had brought her grandmother down to Florida for the winter.  Small world. She had snagged a turtle and caught a catfish while she was there.

Not a real alligator in the pond but people where telling kids it was.  They then said NOW you have seen an aligator.

Not a real alligator in the pond but people where telling kids it was. They then said NOW you have seen an alligator.

George would not stand beside the fake shark for his picture.

Showcase of Citrus Shark

Showcase of Citrus Shark

Back inside we picked up some local honey



George did his Gator Boys imitation. (NO George you don’t look like Paul)

George acting like the Gator Boys

George acting like the Gator Boys

They have a great playground for the little ones.  They also sell Gator Meat!  Guess what is on the menu for next week and a Creamsicle slushie.



What a great couple of hours that we spent there and we didn’t even scratch the surface of this place!

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Texas – Mexico Dentist

Breakfast Texas Style!  Ohio Comfort Inn’s need to get waffle irons shaped like Ohio!

Waffles Texas Style

Waffles Texas Style

Instead of Hunt Brothers Pizza they have

Gas station taco’s! Laredo Taco Company

 We had heard about how you can get very inexpensive dental work in Mexico.  Off we go for George to get a 4 tooth bridge.  I also got bridge work done and it was very inexpensive but there is not a lot to do right along the border of Texas/Mexico

Crossing the border

Crossing the border

Rio Grande River

Rio Grande River

Walk way to Mexico

Walk way to Mexico

Boundary Line

Boundary Line



300 dentists in this town.  19 of them in just this one complex.

Dental Plaza - 19 dental offices in this plaza

Dental Plaza – 19 dental offices in this plaza

George’s favorite place

Vinny's Happy Teeth in the courtyard of the Dental Plaza

Vinny’s Happy Teeth in the courtyard of the Dental Plaza

Happy George at Vinny's Happy Teeth after a weeks worth of dental work

Happy George at Vinny’s Happy Teeth after a weeks worth of dental work. Ask George to show you his Mexican smile!

Of course always the Mexican entrepreneur

Pay $1 to take my picture

Pay $1 to take my picture

Mexico at its best!

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Last winter’s Travels

Let’s start with last winter’s travels.  Our plans had been to travel to Weslaco, Texas so that we could go across the border to Mexico for George to get some dental work.

In September George started getting sick and ended up with pneumonia.  We could not leave in November as planned.  So we decided to fly to Texas at the beginning of January, head across the border to the dentist while Scott and Kim took the XLR (our 5th wheel) down to the Disney area for 3 months.  That was the plan!

Well we all know what happened the first week of January, the first polar vortex hit and the XLR was FROZEN to the driveway at the campground entrance (we had freezing rain before the snow) . There are no pictures of the frozen 5th wheel because Amy was in the cabin crying that she was going to be stuck in Ohio all winter! But we do have a cracked door for proof of what 50 below zero can do to an RV.

Winter at the campground.  One of many days that it looked like this!

Winter at the campground. One of many days that it looked like this!

We had no idea how long it would take for the dental work but we had no worries (when I bought the tickets) the XLR would be in Florida.  The one way airplane tickets to Texas had already been bought and we had planned  to get one way to Orlando when we wanted to leave Texas. WRONG!

Next the airlines canceled our flight because it was suppose to be 50 below zero the morning we were to leave.  Amy is crying louder!  But 2 hours later United sends an email with the new schedule to get out of Ohio, in 2 more days!  But what to do after we are done in Texas???? No XLR in Florida, do we come back to Ohio? NO WAY says Amy!  Let’s go on a cruise and then go see Gator Boys.

Next Texas/Mexico…..





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