In your own Backyard

This winter our travels will be in Ohio.  George’s knee is doing great but he is still battling heart and appendix issues! More doctors/surgeries to come.

Today as we were driving home from Mansfield after his knee rehab, I told George let’s drive through the state park’s.  You forget about the beauty that is in your own backyard.


At the beginning of November I went to the Smoky Mountains/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg to a trade show I have been trying to get to for the last 3 years.  With a George babysitter in hand at home, my friend Jeanie, her service dog in training Reba and myself, we took off to see the sites and vendors!  As we drove through the Smokey Mountains all I kept saying was this looks like home, just taller hills/mountains.

I think the funniest story while in the Smokies was while we were driving through Cades Cove.  This beautiful valley, we would see cars parked along side the road and people in chairs out in the field.  We came upon a truck with Florida plates on it with 2 ladies sitting in the back.  I stopped the car and asked “what are you all looking for” – thinking bears. – DEER they answered back all giddy.  I looked at Jeanie and said you have got to be kidding me, Deer. We laughed thinking of all the deer and eagles in our beautiful river valley.


With the sun brightly shining and 55 degrees, our first stop was Malabar Farm State Park. Now please understand we were doing the handicap version of sight seeing.  A drive by with an occasional get out and stretch the knee for George.

“This other war, the war upon destruction of natural assets is one that will never be finished.  Our weakness in this vast war is largely ignorance, that most of our citizens do not realize what is going on under their very feet.”
-Louis Bromfield  November 1942

Across from Malabar Farm is Mt. Jeez  which stands 1,310′ feet above sea level, making it one of the higher “peaks” in Ohio. OK, that is taller then the 6300′ we were at in the Smokies! At least my ears didn’t pop going up the “hill”.

Next we drove across the dam at Pleasant Hill Lake, then onto Mohican State Park.  First we drove to the Covered Bridge, back through the Class B primitive campground which is right beside the Clear Fork of the Mohican River.  We watched people doing photo shoots, fly fishing and hiking, probably over to the dam.

Next we drove to the fire tower and Gorge Overlook.  The memories of 30 years ago of me falling out of the car at the fire tower always consumes me when we drive by there!

Next we drove down to the visitors center at St Rt 3 & 97 to see the work that is being done on the new archery range that is being built this winter.


Then on down the Wally Road Scenic Byway to home.  Looking for the eagles that own the beautiful Mohican State Scenic River.


Always remember to look in your own backyard.

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