GO and then STOP

After many false starts we finally hit the road about 12:30 Friday afternoon. 

George made the decision that we would go down 77 to 95 because of the storm that was rolling across the country and it showed 75 being covered in rain for 2 days.  So off we go across Holmes County on St Rt 39 to 77.

Over the years we have had tires blow out on 5th wheels and trailers that we have had. In 2017 I had our poor mechanic put a Safe-T-Plus RV Steering Stabilizer system on Mr. MoHo to help if you do have a blowout. So this year I added a TPMS System (tire pressure monitoring system)  These are 10 little gadgets you put on your valve stems of both vehicles.  There is a monitor that you have that constantly measures pressure and heat of each tire. Thank you again to our dear mechanic – Jeremy Waite – Buckeye Auto Care – in Mt Vernon for always taking care of us and our/my crazy mechanical “stuff”. That is why the Tahoe has over 100,000 miles on it going strong because of Jeremy. 

OK back to why I am rattling on about TPMS – about 1/2 mile from 77 I noticed the heat rising on the passenger side tire of the Tahoe. By the time we got onto 77 the monitor is “talking” to us with a crazy noise.  As we drove by the next exit I yelled at George (yes me yell at George) GET OVER NOW!!!!! He pulled off onto the berm on the on ramp from the exit and I jumped out to check the Tahoe.  

SMOKE is rolling out of the front tires.  I am yelling at George to get the Tahoe unhooked from Mr. MoHo.  He isn’t moving fast enough for me so I am pulling the cables off as he is unhooking the Blue OX bars.  I go back and check the monitor and the front drivers side is at 165 degrees.  I then get on the phone and call Jeremy to decide if we need to move Mr. MoHo before the Tahoe catches on fire or if he is going to have to bring the flatbed tow truck to take the Tahoe back to Mt. Vernon.

Jeremy’s diagnosis over the phone is our front brakes locked up. It was probably caused from the “brake buddy” system we put in the Tahoe when we tow!  He had me drive it to cool down the brakes.  So off we go, still southward bound. We got to the rest area about 30 miles from West Virginia and we hooked it back up less the braking system.  Jeremy assured me that if we allow ourselves plenty of space for stopping we should not have any problems in the mountains of West Virginia.  Off we go again.  The plan now is to try to get to Wytheville Virginia and Fort Chiswell RV Park.  At 9 p.m. and 355 miles from home we made it.

Tired and ready to go to bed we just plugged Mr. MoHo in and went to bed except Keoni. Keoni grumbled and was up and down all night long.  George asked this morning why was Keoni so upset last night.  I have no idea.  He then asked, “did you hear sheep last night” – no all I heard was Keoni grouching.  So low and behold when I took Keoni outside there were hundreds of sheep on the side of the hill. Ok I don’t know if it was hundreds but there were alot more then what the picture shows.

No water hooked up to Mr. MoHo off to the shower house George goes while I am trying to clean up the dishes and I decide to check the weather.  Is the storm that George saw yesterday heading for 75. Nope it is has now acrossed 75 and is heading towards us on 77.  So we made the decision hook up the water and sit still till we have clear roads! We are the blue dot. Then it is off to Cape Canaveral Jetty Park Campground!


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