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George and I had planned on being gone by now for our winter siesta in Florida but as we all know live gets in the way of what you want to do.

Bless poor George’s heart (literally) he has had some issues this summer/fall. The doctor decided to change one of his heart medications this summer .  With the medicine change George got to break his elbow and lower the pumping function of his heart this fall.  George went back on his original medicine had an echocardiogram, stress test which all led to him getting to have the big boy test done – a heart catherization.

8 years ago when George had a heart cath he had one spot that had 5% blockage in his left coronary artery (to the disbelief of his cardiologist). This time he wasn’t so lucky and he had an 80% hard blockage in his right coronary artery and only 10% in his left artery.  So George got to join the card carrying “I have a Stent Club” and the Cardiac Rehab Club.

All of our reservations for November were canceled.  We started to cancel Decembers reservations but I was able to find a facility for him to do his cardiac rehab in Florida.

We won’t be leaving till the end of the month, after Thanksgiving.  We will head straight to Jetty Park Campground, Cape Canaveral Florida. Our travels will be different now. Instead of full boar 10-12 hours a day to see how fast we can get there traveling, we will take it easy and drive 5-6 hours a day and stop and rest.  This is going to be different for us!

We are always amazed at how many people want to know about our travels. So instead of posting it on Facebook like I use to do, you can follow us here. Just click on the link on the sidebar put your email address in and whenever I post it will send you a link.

Mr. Moho - our home away from the campground.
Mr. Moho last year

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